Index Furniture Pakistan is a Thai Furniture Franchise that delivers a wide range of high-quality furniture and home accessory items for all forms of modern life. This brand has reached global and national acceptance of the Furniture Group Index and has received the Super brands winner Thailand Brand Award in 2005, the Outstanding Exporter Award in 2006, and the Prime Minister’s Export Award for Outstanding Exportin 2008.

With a commitment to delivering high quality furniture and home accessories, Index Furniture answers all modern lifestyle’s with function and designing all categories of living.

Logica is an office furniture brand offering distinctively modern office furniture. With minimal and simple designs Logica has a variety of products for all kinds of workspaces, meeting spaces, corporate lounges, training and workshop spaces, etc. fulfilling the demands of a perfect office space.

Winner Furniture, a creative and attentive development to meet every lifestyle. Every piece of Winner's furniture is manufactured from high quality materials with German standard technology. Meticulously designed in every step to meet all needs of home furniture, both durable and worth perfect function and outstanding modern design. There are variety of options to choose from, depending on your individual style, whether it is modern furniture, simple, charming, loft, or urban. Scandinavian style or contemporary designs that are timeless in this neo contemporary era.

A variety of functions-ready furniture to respond to the lives of the new generation in the condominium area as well. Smart design furniture that gives you more freedom to decorate your dream room in a limited space, but packed with happiness in every square inch.KD

At HOLMRIS B8, a room is more than just a place where people gather. It is where people flourish. The business guru. The pleasure-seeker. The professor. The go-getter. The patient. The care-giver. The fun-lover. And everyone in-between. We believe that people need room for both personality and diversity. To thrive. To develop. To produce results. To rise to the occasion.

Unique range combines our own products and +1,000 suppliers

For your freedom to choose, HOLMRIS B8 offer products and fixtures from their own factories, combined with the best from +1,000 suppliers based in Denmark and abroad. With a portfolio of more than 40,000 products, the options for realizing your dreams are virtually boundless.